Visual Coaching


What is Visual Coaching?

Visual Coaching is a specialisation within Visual Facilitation. As a Visual Facilitator and Coach I perform both roles.

Visual Coaching provides the client with a visual anchor towards the life they want to create.

When designing a persons Ideal Average Day  – a coaching session where the client delves into the experiences they want to create in their life the image provides clarity and an opportunity to reflect on their life goals.

Visual Facilitation and coaching removes complexity and brings clarity into an already overloaded and complex life.

The image gives the client a legacy of the session to take home and an vision to remember who they can become taking this journey.

Clients as part of the Your Success and Ultimate You Coaching Programs receive a complimentary Visual Coaching session and an image to take home.

As a certified Visual Facilitator my services are in demand not just for coaching, but also to create a records for meetings, workshops and storytelling.

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