Dyslexia spelling and learning strategies


My daughters story

After my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia I found this technique to be invaluable for her to overcome her spelling and reading difficulties.
It gave her a huge boost of confidence knowing that there was nothing “wrong” with her. As her confidence increased by knowing that her brain could learn just as well as others, she was able to tackle more challenging tasks at school and trust her self to have a go.

What has made me the happiest mum is to see her enjoyment and excitement about reading books.


Dyslexia symptoms can vary from spelling difficulties, difficulty performing mathematics calculations, not writing neatly or the inability to read fluently with varying degrees of severity.

Most of the time these issues are not recognised early enough or it is assumed that the child is lazy or should simply “try harder”.

Experience has shown that simply trying harder doesn’t produce the results and the child starts to lose confidence in their abilities and ultimately themselves, which has a ripple effect on their ability to learn as a whole.


What the child needs is a way to access dormant abilities in their brain to effectively and accurately spell and learn.

The NLP Spelling Strategy has been developed by Richard Bandler (Co-Founder of NLP) back in the 70’s by modelling spelling bee champions. The powerful strategy enables the brain to switch on the ways of imagining and remembering words.

Spelling is the foundation of reading and writing and combined with visualisation creates a powerful combination to learn and remember words.


During my sessions with your child, I first assess the child’s current learning strategy and then teach the child this powerful method, thus setting your child on a path of continual learning in the most effective way.

I will teach your child to spell words using the strategy. By the end of the session most children will be able to spell successfully.

In most cases the effects of this can be that your child re-gains their confidence, knowing that they can increase their learning, previously thought out of their reach.

Sir Richard Branson – a dyslexic himself has openly admitted that he has difficulties and more importantly – it has never stopped him from building successful businesses.
Watch Richard Bransons Interview on Dyslexia  and his advice for Dyslexics. 

I look forward to working with your child and their continued success.

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