How you can win as a leader

On a recent overseas trip I spent the day watching my friends compete in a triathlon. 

My friends decided to each compete in one part of the triathlon – bringing to the team their strongest talent. One was great at swimming, the other had trained for cycling and the last was an avid runner.

What struck me even more was everyone was celebrated at the finish line- individual achievements were celebrated as much as the team win. Everyone was part of a greater whole and the day was filled with a sense of friendship and fierce but friendly competition. 

This reminded of as an example of how we work best in teams, what it means to win and how we collaborate best to win as a team.

Its only when we know and value our strengths we find a way to best serve the success of the team as a whole.

Tony Robbins 6 Core Needs describe this very well and in this context, 2 of the core needs apply.


When our value of connection is successfully expressed we value equality, our business colleagues, sharing and we’d do anything for anyone. In essence we ooze love and generosity and are closely linked to our “true” spiritual self. 

In the case of the triathlon everyone was equally valued to contribute and shared their talent. 

In business teams and collaboration it means we freely share our talents and collaborate with others. Positively expressed in team work we value ourselves as much as others and put ourselves first in order to be able to serve others. When we are to able value ourselves as much as we value others we have truly learnt the value of connection. 


In the positive this is about upping your game and being the best we can be. Personal excellence, recognition from peers, being promoted, becoming a leader are all part of significance. 

In the triathlon personal achievement was equally important to winning collaboratively. Beating our own personal best, beating others and achieving a win was part of the game without doubt and created an atmosphere or competition that elevated everyone. 

Bringing it together 

To become a great leader we need to be able to live both – connection and significance. 

It’s important that we value everyones individual talent and by understanding how important it is that people find the value in themselves, help them express their unique talent to contribute to the greater whole. 

As a leader it is equally important that we know how to win, how to achieve our best and make winning part of our teams goals. 

We have to ignite both connection and significance in people, so that they want to win and give their best and win with others. 

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