3 key steps to become irresistible as a leader

Let’s face it – certainty is an attractive quality in a person. Someone who knows what they want, provides direction and is sure of themselves. We feel save with someone who is certain.

Certainty is one the cornerstones of leadership – people follow someone who gives them a feeling of stability and consistency.

The business world, your career and life in general is full of uncertainty and challenges. How we handle those challenges is up to us – we can do this in a high quality, sustainable way or a low quality, unsustainable way.

Who would you rather follow? Someone who exhibits stability and calm way of reacting or someone who goes off on an anger tantrum when things don’t go their way and even worse, is moody!!

First and foremost leadership is an inside job. To develop great leadership skills starts with you and how you lead yourself.

Here are 3 surefire ways to develop certainty inside you:

  • Back Yourself – you are the most important person in your life. To be there for others fully, first be there for yourself. Trust that you are enough and that life only throws at you what you can handle.
  • Become a master at handling the difficult – leaders develop essential problem solving skills. This means becoming who you need to be to handle the problem. Take ownership, be responsible, drop blaming and justifying and focus on the solution. Develop a “if it is to be – it’s up to me attitude”.
  • Rituals – having a hobby or a ritual (something that you perform on a regular weekly basis) is an effective way to develop certainty. The ritual needs to have it’s own inherent journey and provide you with challenges and growth that is within your control. Think learning an instrument, yoga, running or mediation.

As a leader it’s crucial you sail across the stormy waters with a sense of elegance and lightness – with the above ways you are developing abilities that not only will create you raving fans, it will give you a sense of safety that you can handle whatever life throws your way.

That on it’s own is worth the journey.




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