Meet your goals in 5 easy steps

When it comes to setting and meeting goals we all either respond with an internal groan of yet another task to do, or we get excited and motivated about stretching our limits and finding out what we are made of.

Which one are you?

Depending on your answer, these 5 easy steps will either get you going to meet your first goal or confirm with you what it is that makes you so successful and gives you a system to excel further.

Let me tell you, this information is pretty much available out there for anyone, yet very few act on it.

1. Vision 

Have a vision of what your goal is going to look like – research has shown that people who write down their goals and visualise them every day will achieve them. Without that – well…you can pretty much forget it.

In life have a strong vision that pulls you forward, so that even though every day you see a disjointed mess you know that it will come together in the end.

Without a strong vision you will easily become overwhelmed and find excuses to not continue usually around it being too hard like you don’t have time or it’s boring etc.

2. Structure 

Organise your goals as a structure – if your life is a mess right now, it’s likely because you have no structure to it. Compartmentalise your areas (family, study, fitness, personal development, friends, hobbies) and determine what your benchmarks are. Seeing family every week, workout and get fit, complete study.

What if they are all equally important? Be clear on your values and prioritise your life along those lines.

You still with me? Great…then lets implement this so that we can get the result. Now the rubber hits the road. It’s action time.

3. Implementation

Implementation means doing things, getting results, actually getting off your ass and making it happen.

If you have your structures set out, prioritised with your values this should be easy. Right?

Wrong! Most of the time we get stuck in implementation  – now what we have a goal, we want to do it all. Which mostly leads to doing a lot of things and never really finishing any of them.

This is where chunking it down to bite size pieces is important. Make your goals small enough so that you can achieve them and big enough so that they stretch you. Sounds like an art? Yep – and you will get better at it the more you do it.

Then apply step 4.

4. Consistency in action

Consistent small actions that produce results each time – whether they lead to success or give you feedback on doing it better, getting you closer every day to hitting your goal.

It is those small consistent actions that will drive your life forward, completing a unit of study, working out 3x per week (to meet your benchmark of health), seeing family once a week (to meet your value of connection).

Your consistency is what makes the difference – link it to your vision and become unstoppable.

5. Grit

When things get tough, there is a strategy you need rely on, something that comes from deep inside of you. Something that separates you from the rest of the crowd.

You guessed it – it’s called Grit. Call it determination, power, strength – it all boils down to the common factor. When things get tough, what do you do?

Do you hide and wait for the storm to blow over or do you get on with it and face the wild weather?

Do you play the it’s all too much card and blame others or do you take this as an opportunity to shine and find out what you are made off?

Since using this method I am no longer overwhelmed by life and its complexities. I know what I want to achieve and take consistent actions towards it.

Life becomes simple, enjoyable and by achieving my goals I develop certainty in myself that I have what it takes to be successful.

If you want to know more about how to achieve your vision then get it touch.

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