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CFCR 90.5FM - Saskatoon Community Radio
Office Phone:
 (306) 664-6678
Studio Line: (306) 242-5002
Street Address: 267 3rd Avenue South, 3rd Floor (stairs only), Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1M3
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CFCR Music Submissions: Please see below.


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Rebecca Zakreski (Volunteer Coordinator/Community Outreach/Office Manager) volunteers@สมัครsbobet ฟรี

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Board of Directors board@สมัครsbobet ฟรี
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Submitting an album for consideration? CFCR gladly welcomes physical CD and VINYL submissions only! The station does not add singles or poorly packaged/unlabeled albums. CFCR does not have a pre-programmed playlist, as we allow our hosts to program 100% of their shows. Charts are also based on actual air play on the station!

CFCR Music Submissions - Attn: MD, P.O. Box 7544, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 4L4



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