Christiane is a the founder and principal of The Inspiring Leadership Institute.

She is passionate about building valued relationships based on authenticity and trust. Realising the importance of great leadership in the corporate world, Christiane’s specialty is coaching and mentoring individuals and groups in leadership skills.

Her career started with running her own business in natural health and massage. Following a Diploma of Information Technology she moved into the corporate arena for over 15 years working in various blue chip medium size and global companies as a Senior Analyst, delivering technology solutions.

Having worked in high performing corporate environments, she has first had experience on how great leadership makes a significant contribution to productivity, employee satisfaction and company results. Her ability to inspire and motivate others to do their best has enabled her to lead and develop communities of practice and competency centres with the goal to increase capability of individuals.

She is a successful mentor who has enabled many of her mentees to soar to the next level in their career.

Always a keen student of human behaviour and fueled by a thirst for knowledge about leadership, she decided to join The Coaching Institutes’ Professional Master Coach Program in order to gain the skills and knowledge to build a centre for leadership – The Inspiring Leadership Institute.

She is a certified Visual Facilitator using the bikablo technique which fuels innovation, critical thinking and creativity. Research has shown that drawing and reflecting on imagery enables people to access more of their brain, reducing complexity thus fueling creativity and innovation.

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